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Lines - You Don't Have to Stand in Them!

Lines - You Don't Have to Stand in Them!


This is the latest up-to-date info regarding getting your Magic cards signed.

Do you have a handful of absolute favorite cards that you would absolutely love to have embellished with Terese's signature? You don't HAVE to go to an event and stand in long lines to have it done. She's more than happy to sign cards for all of her fans. There's no need to email her to ask for permission or to find out where to send them. All you have to do is send your cards (preferably not more than 25) with a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to this address:

Terese Nielsen
9661 Las Tunas Drive Suite C
Temple City, CA 91780

She usually signs and sends them back within a couple weeks. FYI, one of her favorite morning routines is cupping her hands around a warm, foamy, double cappuccino while shes planning her day. A cappuccino has a way of making her painting hand smile! So, if you'd like to totally make her day, just add a little tip to your envelope and she'll be smiling as much as you will when your saintly postman delivers that envelope full of hand signed cards.

Best wishes, and enjoy possessing one of the most unique collections of Magic the Gathering cards!

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