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September 13, 2008


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Great idea. I'll love to follow your other art demos.
Referring to reduce the size of the videos you need lower bitrate, in other words, reduce the average number of bits that one second of video or audio data will consume.
Depending on video format you have to use one soft or another. For example, if the format video is avi you can use virtual dub, is a powerful and free soft.
I have written some manuals about this issue, but are all in Spanish. Anyway you can check the best web about that:
Best wishes.


Woo Mucha! Woo Klimt!

Very cool, Terese. I've always loved gold leaf and your use of it in your originals. Been a bit afraid to experiment with it myself--I've always liked the occasional use in art history of leafing on lettering in oil paintings. I'd have used it on my Angel Quest piece but was a lil' scared.

I have some pieces coming up this year that I wanted to use it on for lettering, so now I know how! Yay. But ooh, I want the 14k stuff :-(

Jeff Miracola

Great video, Terese. I bet you have a secret "gold room" in your house where all walls, furniture and pets are covered in gold foil :-) I always love seeing your techniques. It looks like so much fun.


This is so cool of you to share this, Terese. I've always had this horrid fascination with gold leaf (and also Mucha) but I've been a little too afraid of trying it. I think after this I am going to definitely try this out soon :}


Awesome! Great tutorial, thank you.

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