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March 24, 2008


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Incredible work, as always, Terese!

I love reading about your projects: the Art Director's initial request, your sketches, research, and finished project! Thanks so much!

I read your blog often!


Ira Owens

Hi Terese,

Nicely done! I actually just saw this piece on a box at my local comic store and was commenting on how cool it was that you nailed Lukes likeness. I work with Kilian Plunkett (another talented Star Wars artist) and he pointed me towards your blog.

I look forward to more cool posts!


Belinda Morris

Hey Terese love your work, I've seen your stuff for ages but didn't know if was yours! Do you know if your company will distribute your product to Western Australia? Would love to buy some :)

Terese Nielsen

Hi Belinda,
I'm not at all involved with distribution of the product, so unfortunately I have no intelligent answer related to your question.
Thanks for stopping by!

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