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April 16, 2008


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Matt Johnson

I work part time at a game store and the day this set came out I begged a customer to let me cut the front off of one of his boosters so I could have this picture. He was kind enough to let me cut away therefore saving the $15.00 I would have spent just to have the box!

I love this one and would be interested in a print of this if where ever to be available.

Jim Pavelec

Hi Terese,
I got my first Star Wars assignment from WotC, and in my artistic and nerdly excitement, was combing Deviant Art for inspirational Star Wars art when I came upon this piece. Wow, it's fantastic. I love when an artist has the courage to pose the central figure from behind in a piece. A lot of ADs don't like that for some reason. It adds so much mood and drama to the piece. This piece is now my Desktop image, and I look over at it quite often as I try to come up with cool stuff of my own for my assignment.

All the best,

Jim Pavelec


You are Awesome!

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