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June 27, 2008


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Nicole Cardiff

I'll be there!

Matt Johnson

Sadly we cannot make it out there again this year. My wife and I make our annual Gencon trip because it is conveniently located here in Indiana. You are one of the first we check for to see if you will be attending but sadly we haven't seen you out here in 6 years, we miss you.


Hi Terese !

I'm french and i love magic since 4th edition. I like so much all altered cards but i look all yours , there so fantastic force of will playsets. I buy so much altered and i play a treefolk deck and i didn't see you make Timber Protector, and i have an altered one who she didn't altered by you.

It's possible to send my cards to signed them ??? i i'm ok to send them with secured shipping, but have you got a special adress ???

A french lover of cards, thank you for your wonderful cards (Force of will likes).

thanks before for your answer


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