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February 15, 2009


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Is there any way I could get one of my copies done up like the masterpieces that you post on the site?


Of Force of Will or Eternal Witness, that is.

Magic the Gathering

That is really nice of you. If you're at DragonCon come to the T&T booth and we will buy you a coffee drink with way too much milk.

jorge ramirez

you can send me 4 mana severance authographed to mexico because i can't find here,how many for this favor????

Carl-Eric Nevén

Hi there Terese!
Me and Sven would very much like for you to visit Sweden. Is that gonna happen anytime soon? It would be an honour to meet you in person! You are so tallented!
All the best from Sweden!
/Carl-Eric Nevén

PS If the language is poor, it's beacuse it's written in french DS


I just sent off 2 cards to be signed along with a quick letter and a monetary tip.

Looking forward for them to be returned signed.

Will you be in Houston, TX anytime this year or next?

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