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February 24, 2009


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I already got mine

Michael Kretzer

Dear Miss Terese Nielson,
At first of all I want to excuse my bad english which will follow through the whole text i write here (I am from Germany).
The new alteration is really amazing and i think u did really great work on it :)
My Friends and me play like 8 years Mahic the Gathering and we are always amazed when we see u did new paintings and stuff.
So we were even more amazed when we found ur Website with these great alterations on ur own paintings like Force of Will and Eternal Wittness.
And now i got a big Question on u which is more like a begging or a demand :S
My friends and me were looking for a birthday Present for one of our biggest friends of our magic community when we found ur webside and we thought that u can maybe help us with that...
We really beg u or please how u would call it to help us...
We thought maybe u could alter a Force of Will from us as a Birthday present for him...
We know u got a lot of Work to do but it would be very kind of u to help us out.
We really beg u to help us with that.
We would be really thankfull for that.
I wrote this here cause my outlook programm doesnt work at all :S
I hope u can help us with that and i hope aswell that this demand is not too pitiful.
Please answer me if u can help us :S
Best Regards
Michael Kretzer

PS: The e-mail address is no fake address.

Rocky O

WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing your process with us! It's great to see how the artwork got to where it ends up :)

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