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August 05, 2009


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James Monical

Congrats!! I'm a collector of the Star Wars miniatures line ... and I love the art you've done that has been released on their boxes.

Jon Schindehette

dang, wish I were going to be in NY at that time


Congratulations. You deserve

Mr. Fantastic

Wow, that is incredibly cool. Congratulations. New York City is also definitely worth visiting for its own sake. Make sure you check out the Upper East Side while you're there, you'll love it. Just try to ignore the random Republicans.

Sorry if I end up posting this comment more than once, TypePad is being difficult. I hate it when you click "post" and nothing happens then 10 minutes later you've posted the same thing 20 times and everyone reading it assumes you've never used the internet before.

Paul Hebron

You truly are fantastic to work with Terese. I'm very please that your work is being represented at this event!

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