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June 21, 2011


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I must say, your Basandra painting is definitely one of your best! Absolutely beautiful.


Thank you so much for the detailed blog post! I always enjoy hearing more about how art is getting done, especially traditional art which is so much magic and science and fun, all in one work. Thanks a lot for taking the time and explaining it all!

I have a little question, if you don't mind. Which medium do you paint on? Canvas, paper, cardboard, wood...?

Terese Nielsen

Thank you! Nowadays I paint on Velvet Fine Art paper. I print my sketch on this paper and then wet-stretch it.


I've never really been in to Magic the Gathering but I must say, this is pretty darn gorgeous! I can't even begin to fully express how beautiful I think this is.

sunglasses hut

Oh this painting is very beautiful


Any chance of a blog one day with advise on drawing angel wings and good books/birds to use for reference?

Terese Nielsen

Stuart, you're spot on with what the "advice" is for good angel wings; it's finding good reference and it ISN'T easy! I sleuth all sorts of books and photos for good reference depending on the pose and angles I need to position and paint the wings in. A resource book or site on various angles of wings in flight would be a godsend.

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