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April 23, 2012


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Glenn Godard

Well done.

Anne Saitzyk

This is so moving, Terese. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly and beautifully.

And your respect and love for your lineage coexisting with respect and love for your self is an inspiration.


Terese Nielsen

Thank you both, very much!

Nathan D.

When I first saw this card, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the art. The piece just radiates positive feelings.

Now that I've read the back story, I just had to order a print for my wall. I'm almost certain it will become quite the conversation starter =)

James Griffin

Terese, you were already one of the most inspiring fantasy illustrators I have ever come across, but when I saw this I had to let you know what I thought. It is exceptionally moving, and brings a lump to my throat as it offers a mirror into which I am able to project thoughts of my own family though the passage of time. Thank you for this, you have a remarkable mind.

Luis Tenorio

Awesome piece of art my favorite in the expansion, u are a genuine artist keep the good work. Greeting from El Salvador.

Raymond M.

Respect, both for the art and the history.

Jacob P.

Thanks for sharing the story, it really enhances the artwork in a unique way. Masterfull piece as always ;) love your work and unique style! Peace...

Chris Tredwell

I'm very impressed by the back story and personal reflection of the story behind this. I do have to ask, did you have a goat as a young girl? The girl seems to look alot like you so I assume it is you.

Jefferson Luiz Emmerich de Borba

I'm in love with the artwork since the first time I saw it on the AVR spoiler. Congratulations, finest art I've seen in a MtG card in years... and reading the article, I could understand why: it came straight from the heart.

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