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September 27, 2012


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Thank you for the write up.

Your Ertai, Wizard Adept has always been one of my favorite MTG artwork.

Looking forward to the Hanna print so she can join her Weatherlight crew mate on display.


I don't think that being asked to paint somone "normal looking" as a bad thing. Not everyone in the world needs to be super exotic. Hanna is just this girl. She doesn't need to be a part time super model. I like what you did with her.

Your art really shaped my vision of the world of MtG... along with Rebecca Guay and Drew Tucker.

I really don't like this super generic art on all the new cards that have come out over the last 4 years or so. Your stuff still stands out in a very good way. I can see a card you painted for the first time and know it's you like 90% of the time without looking at the credits.


Hello, thank you for creating another beautiful piece for us. I for one am very excited to see a more personal look at one of my favorite Magic characters.

Hopefully Wizards will give us this in a paper reprint sometime in the near (preferably immediate) future :)

Thanks again
Your art is stunning

April King

If only we had some sort of time machine, so that we could combine the general overall quality of art of today with the loose style guidelines of the past. Although today's art looks far nicer overall, it certainly has a sad sense of sameness that past art certainly avoided.

Looking back, there were about two dozen different depictions of Hanna, and only a select few are what I would call great art. I consider myself very lucky to have my favorite painting (Opt, by John Howe) of this strong female character hanging on my wall, and it's a shame that so many of the other paintings of her are so homely in comparison. She deserves better!

You really did a fine job on this painting, and I'm glad that Wizards was a lot looser with their style guidelines this time. I've been a fan of you for, seemingly, forever, and it amazes me how much you have improved as an artist over the years, and it pleases me greatly that Hanna was able to benefit from that.

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