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January 08, 2013


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Absolutely love the artwork on this card, along with all the others you do. Already pre-ordered a copy of it and can't wait to get a foil copy. Keep up the great work, Terese!


Wow, that art description is very frightening.
It's awesome to see some of your process, Terese. Thanks for sharing!


Great article! I love that picture! But there's one thing I'd really would like to get some more information on: those geometrical patterns that underlies the picture: the 'flower of life' and the 'phi wave'. Where did you get them? And how did you manage to create them? I guess you used a computer for that? Or was it all made by hand?



This is my favorite magic artwork of all time. Too cool for words, I'm making a deck based around this!!

Kae Hutchens

Came across your post while doing an image search. I LOVE the art on Enter the Infinite (and what it does, because it is a game-ender in my Niv-Mizzet deck!) and loved reading about the process.

King Don

Thank you for a look at the process behind this beautiful piece. I appreciate it even more now.


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