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Skeleton King


Shane Hilgendorf

i have been trying to find a way to speak with you about some alterations/signings for a while and didnt have the internet until recently. i fell in love with your artwork ever since i started playing magic and got my first copies of force of will. finding out that force of will was supposed to be a red card (misinformation?) made me do some research on what other cards you have done. i thought it was really cool that you were able to use your family for samite elder. i currently have every single card printed that you did the artwork for, and it would be really cool to have some of them signed or altered. please let me know if you are still doing these things.

thankfully yours,
Shane Hilgendorf

Simone Zanella

Wonderful print and fast shipment to Italy!
Thank you very much Terese!


can you please post something for the ace ventura one you did that was in my opinion the hands down best one ive seen by far.


Your Pirate/Moxen FoW alteration is going to be a hard one to beat. Wish I didn't miss that eBay auction for it was your best alteration yet IMO. Can't wait to see what's next!


can I send to you my force of will playset and you send to me signed and/or altered?
thanks you

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I can say just one thing, they're fabulous they look really very good and I'm really liking them!!!

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Wonderful print and fast shipment to Italy!
Thank you very much Terese!

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They're all super-awesome!!!

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