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Nice image of my ima!!!


A breath taking image ... thank you

just beautiful...

This is exactly how I see her


ran across you page. truly inspired by your insight. i'm an african in search of the truth. my people say we come from the tribe of judah. we run all along the east coast of africa, red sea, persia gulf, and arabian sea.

Herbert van Erkelens

Fine picture, Terese! Her face is looking expectantly to us to receive a positive response. Currently I am writing a book about Mary Magdalene as the Black Madonna from Ethiopia. It will first appear in Dutch. Where did you find references to Ethiopia? I took my information from what Mary Magdalene told to my friend Judith Moore. First I was quite surprised. But it now all feels natural to me after I read the stories about the Queen of Sheba. Mary Magdalene is the Queen of the South.

Terese Nielsen

The reference to Ethiopia was from some recently translated scrolls in the care of this organization. I very much love the idea that she is a strong, spiritual black woman and an equal counterpart to Jeshua.


This is marvelously beautiful! What a wonderful work the Father-Mother has wrought through your hands! As a fellow artist I highly commend your work. You greatly inspire me. Since being grounded in my Essene roots there is so much joy, love, peace, and light for an artist to paint! Let the world the full of our God's glory!

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